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Active Body logoSports Injury Therapy, Treatment and Rehabilitation Services

At ACTIVE BODY Sports Injury and Rehabilitation Clinic we use a wide range of different treatments to achieve your goal of being injury free. Your initial appointment will include a full injury and biomechanical assessment.

Biomechanical assessment

We assess all new patients for biomechanical imbalances however we also offer full biomechanical assessments for people who are not injured but would like to prevent issues in the future. Following a thorough assessement you will given a program to correct any imbalances and abnormalities. We offer pre-season screening to sports competitors/athletes from all sporting backgounds. Following your screening you will receive a full sports specific programme aimed at preventing injury before you commence your new season.


Osteopathy is a health care system of diagnosis and treatment for a large range of musculoskeletal conditions, helping to restore, maintain and promote physical and psychosocial well being. Each patient is assessed on a mechanical and functional level, allowing treatment to be tailored to meet the individual's needs. Treatment consists of manual 'hands on' techniques including: soft tissue massage, spinal manipulation and mobilisation. Osteopaths play a role in the management and prevention of pain/dysfunction by the use of advice and exercises, which also helps to reduce patient recovery time.

Some examples of what we treat include: Generalised aches and pains (including arthritic and rheumatic joint pains), sciatica, fibromyalgia, inability to relax, headaches arising from the neck, minor sporting injuries, frozen shoulder (musculoskeletal in origin), circulatory and digestive problems.

Podiatry and Orthotics

Our podiatrist is able to assess and correct foot biomechanics in order to get your body working more efficiently. Certain conditions, such as Achilles Tendinitis are caused by poor foot mechanics. At Active Body we use high quality Pegasus Orthotics to get you back in action.These orthotics are measured to you individually and can speed up your return to sport as well as preventing the injury returning.

Manual Therapy

Various hands on manual therapy techniques are utilised in order to regain joint function following injury. Joint mobilisations are essential to ensure the joints are gliding and tracking correctly. Impaired joint movement can result in ongoing pain and muscular imbalance.

Sports Massage

Soft tissue techniques include MET (Muscle Energy Technique), myofascial release, and trigger point therapy. Soft tissue work is of great importance in injury treatment and prevention. You don't need to be injured to benefit from sports massage. It has many benefits including, increasing tissue healing, breaking down adhesions, preparing tissue for activity and drainage of swelling.

Exercise Rehabilitation

One of the most important components of a treatment plan is comprehensive rehab. Our programs are tailored to each individual and are specific to their sport. They take into account correcting the cause of the problem even if that means looking further away from the site of injury. Each patient is taken through a program in our exercise studio using our specialist rehab equipment. We make sure our programs cover all aspects and demands of your sport in order to train the body to the level required.


To aid your recovery we use a variety of electrotherapeutic modalities. These include ultrasound therapy , muscle stimulation and TENS.