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ACTIVE BODY are Hertford/Ware located sports injury therapists and specialists in the assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries and conditions.

We are specialists in the assessment and treatment of sports injuries and our aim is to return our patients to full functional fitness, ready to take on their chosen sport in the fastest possible recovery time while also preventing re-injury.

Sports injury therapist treating an injured rugby playerWe have years of experience working with patients from all sports and have treated a variety of clients, from recreational amateur sport participants to elite athletes. This means that as a patient with ACTIVE BODY you will have peace of mind that the people dealing with your injury understand fully the specific demands of your sport and they have returned many professional athletes to injury free performance.

ACTIVE BODY treatment plans and our comprehensive injury rehabilitation programmes are devised to be individual to each patient and include sport specific components to aid recovery and speed healing. This results in your body being worked in the same way and at the same intensity as it is used during your chosen sport. Doing this will give you complete confidence on return to activity.

Conditions we are experienced in and that will benefit from our expertise:

♦ Sports injuries - both acute and chronic overuse injuries ♦
♦ Work related injuries ♦ Repetitive strain injury ♦ Neck and Back pain ♦
♦ Biomechanical / postural problems ♦ Joints injuries and joint pain ♦
♦ Muscular pain ♦ Post operative rehabilitation ♦

Because every patient and every sport is different you will never be given generic exercise sheets or left on a machine at ACTIVE BODY. All aspects of your injury will be managed by our multi-discplinary team. We believe strongly in treating the cause of the injury, not just the symptoms alone, meaning your injury is much less likely to return.

ACTIVE BODY are sports injury specialists and we know that there is nothing more frustrating than being unable to participate in a sport that you love. Our goal, using a variety of effective treatment techniques, is to get you back to sport injury free!! We work with clients of all ages and abilities, from recreational sport participants to elite athletes taking them:

From Injury to Full Functional Fitness!